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Benefits of GLOBAL HALAL TRADE CENTRE Halal Certification

   With the establishment of high standards and consumer confidence in GHTC certified Halal products, business organizations gain access to the vast marketing potential of Halal consumers on a global scale.  GHTC recognition provides export opportunities to the global Halal market which is estimated to be in the region of US2.3 trillion dollars comprising of approximately 1.6 billion  Halal consumers   

   Very important competitive advantage is gained

   The unique GHTC certification Mark (Logo) affixed on all products is a means of greater promotions and marketing advantage

   The assistance of GHTC personnel by providing ongoing support and effective and efficient HALAL marketing strategy

   GHTC certified products will be acceptable with no exceptions by all Muslims all around the world

   Accreditation and certification is provided whilst maintaining the confidentiality of company trade and product details.

   The discharge of your responsibility in investigating and providing assurance of genuine HALAL to the HALAL product consumers in the era of excessive deceit and false labeling and certification of HALAL.