Must-Have Hair Extension Installation Tools

Must-Have Hair Extension Installation Tools

Women love hair extensions since they look stylish and outstanding, among others when they have extensions. Each woman has their own style hair extension style. There are various ways of installing hair extensions ranging from taping in and hand tying to fusion. Hair extensions serve multiple functions in a woman's head, including increasing the length of an individual's hair.

Besides, extensions are a good way of adding hair volume to a specific individual's head. They also cover certain points of the head that doesn't have hair. These and many more reasons are enough to make one get a hair extension. Once an individual has the extension, installing it may take a lot of time. Suppose you are a business that does hair extension installation. In that case, there are specific hair extension tools that you must have to ensure the smooth execution of the taskā€”that is why you need the best hair extension kit available on the market.

Necessary Hair Extension Tools

A customer's goal when going to a hair parlor is to spend the least amount of time possible. As much as ladies love good hair, they don't like spending too much time in the salon. Here are essential hair installation tools that will save you a lot of time in the installation process.

Attachment ring

An attachment ring is essential for clients who want nano and micro rings kind of hair extension. A micro extension ring allows the installation of hair extensions in thin hair so that no one can detect the extension. Different hair extensions require different types of rings. Therefore, one must choose the rings depending on the extension they are installing.


A hair extension kit must have hair extension foams. Hair foams are necessary for giving the hair a perfect hold that prevents the hair from coming off quickly. Hair experts also use mousse or foam to ensure that hair extension strands have the ideal definition. If the extension has curls, the foam will ensure that the curls have a bouncier control and that there is no frizz in the attachment.

Color ring

Color rings come in different colors to ensure simple hair extension installation. This tool allows a hair professional to touch and feel the texture of the hair extension to match it perfectly with a specific individual's hair. The color ring ensures that one uses the right wig for the hair.

Sectioning clips

Sectioning clips come in different types and sizes. Various hair extensions need varying sectioning clip sizes. Selecting a hair extension kit with different clip sizes allows you to have multiple choices depending on the client's extension.

Pulling needle

A pulling needle is essential for hand-tied and nano-ring hair extensions. In the hand-tied extensions, the needle key since it attached the extension to the hair using a unique thread. For nano ring extensions, a pulling needle helps put the ring and the thread in place in an individual's hair. Having multiple needles allows one to put more than one thread or ring, so you don't have to waste time putting the threads and rings when you run out.

Additional tools

Here are additional must-have tools for hair extension installation

  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Comb
  • Heat guard
  • Heat connector
  • Heat protection mat


A hair extension kit must have all the above tools to save the user the hassle of buying the tools separately. In addition to the extension tools, a hair extension installation expert must ensure that the client has aftercare products and tools for the extension to stay in the right shape.